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“There is only a handsome kid in the world, and every mother has it”

Chinese Proverb

Under this philosophy born Sugar Kids, a child models agency.

Sugar Kids is a personal project, whose founder, Paola Sells, combined its expertise in different models agencies as booker and also as mother of two children: Guillaume and Lili.

Sugar identity is beauty. In our agency we represent babies from 0 months to teens up to 14 years. We offer our children the opportunity to work with the best brands in TV, brochures, catwalks, movies, etc… presenting their professional portfolio to clients at no cost for the families. Through our agency, they will have the opportunity to meet the best professionals, such as photographers, casting directors and producers that will lead and teach them to recognize their talent and get familiar with the art through their projects, as well as the effort involved in performing them.

Sugar Kids Agencia

Sugar Kids is open to all child talents. As parents, we know that our children are very special, their smile and naughty eyes, their gestures and the way of expressing themselves, their charm, their personality…

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